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are you fifa points account cheap content with the performance of it on your own device? Why not fall us your opinions in the box.The only two enhanced mechanisms that we did see in FIFA 16 for System 360 and PS3 were the groups protection and lengthy awaited one-touch dribble program. With FIFA 16, EA announced gamers will battle shift by defenders and that luckily was the situation when we conducted the title on old-gen nintendo Wii as well. At one take into account the skills where we almost passed by the last staying protecting gamer, another of that groups protecting gamer sprinted towards us easily and tackled us once again. So its safe to say even though goal-keeping in FIFA 16 is not as powerful as it should be. Protection will be gamers wish of survival against other groups. Moving ahead, the most wonderful operate that got us off our seats. While enjoying FIFA 16 was the No Get in exposure to Dribblingmechanism that allows gamers to modify their directions swiftly while dribbling without even in exposure to the football.Hands down to EA for developing such a technique, it was definitely amazing to dribble previous defenders