ACNH Beach Design Ideas

Posted by Rik Vries
Welcome to visit the ACNH secret beach for a mystery island tour! The beach is surrounded by kinds of flowers and Bamboo garss, it couldn't be better to build a house here. The island contains Nook Inc. Rug, Nook Miles Tickets and seashells, you can just pick them up. The Simple Wooden Fence add some cottagecore feeling to this island, along with Log Dining Table and Wild Log Bench. Place a Cute Diy Table next to the house so that the outside of the house is not so empty and you can craft ACNH items you want with DIY recipes at any time. There is a Lucky Cat at the door which is so cute and pleasant. Add a candle and a Tree's Bounty Lamp to brighten the beach at night.
Posted March 31 - Filed in Gaming - #ACNH Beach Design Ideas 
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